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About Jalaram Bapa
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There is village named Virpur near Rajkot in Saurashtra (Gujarat State). About one hundred seventy five years ago, one day, a sannyasi from Mount Girnar came there all of a sudden. He went straight to the house of a Lohana gentlemen named Pradhan Thakkar Rajbai, the house wife, had a great affection for the sadhus and the sannyasis. She welcomed the sannyasi and said, ‘Please take your seat, have your meals and be comfortable here’.

But the sannyasi did not move from where he stood and said, “ Show me your younger son, Mother!”.

Her younger son was only five years old and at that time he was playing in the street with outer children. On being called by the sannyasi he rushed into the house and stood in front of him with folded hands. The sannyasi placed his hand on the boy’s head and looked at him with love. Then he said, “ Do you recognise me, my son ?”.

The boy’s face glowed with a bewitching smile and he muttered God’s name; Rama Rama ! Rama Rama ! Sita Rama !

The very next moment the sannyasi left the place with a mysterious smile on his face, and no one has seen him again ever since.

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